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The mission of The Seward Homestead is to collect, preserve and exhibit historical works and items related to the early life of William Henry Seward through restoration and preservation of this historic site. We will strive to cultivate and stimulate curiosity about the life of this vitally important figure of American History.

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Preserving an historic landmark is a labor of love requiring volunteers and donations.
Peserve Our Heritage

The Mapes House

On the site of the original Seward house is the 1887 Victorian Gothic of Mortimer Mapes.
The Mapes House
It is also part of The Seward Homestead Restoration.
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Preserving History and Honoring a Great Statesman

William H. SewardBorn in Florida, New York in 1801, William H. Seward was one of our nation's most distinguished political leaders. Remembered primarily for his role as Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and his guiding influence in the purchase of Alaska as Secretary of State in the Andrew Johnson administration, Seward was also a Senator and New York Governor in his long career. Read more...

Yard Sale Benefit: April 26th!

Yard Sale!Get there early! We have a lot of generous people to thank for wonderful donations of all types. In the next two weeks there will be more to come. Come find your treasure! April 26th is the day of the yard sale!
Location: 33 N. Main Street, Florida, NY 10921 Time: 9am-4pm. See details...

Senator John J. BonacicThank You, Senator Bonacic!

Walter Stahr Recipient of one of three grants under the Municipal Facilities Capital program, the Seward/Mapes Homestead Restoration will receive $50,000 in state funding for its preservation and community education efforts. Thanks to the support of New York State Senator John J. Bonacic, this generous grant is a very encouraging validation of our community's efforts in revitalizing a part of our nation's history. Village of Florida Mayor and committee founding member James Pawliczek, said the grant “...will go a long way to restoring the William Henry Seward Homestead.” Read more...

For more information about the MFC grant, as it applied to all three recipients, visit the The Florida Focus online.

A Work in Progress:

The Seward House View Architect's Rendering